Parents honor their daughter’s life with donations to St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Rosy and Curvin Zimmerman recently visited St. Louis Children’s Hospital to give thanks to the many physicians and surgeons who took care of their daughter, Everlee RyAnn Zimmerman. In honor of what would have been Everlee’s second birthday, Rosy and Curvin created an online wish list of donation items for Children’s Hospital. Team Everlee came […]

Limbrick co-chairs fundraiser

Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery David Limbrick MD, PhD, served as Physician Chair of  St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Play Date on Nov. 6, 2021. This event raises money to fund pediatric research, including pediatric brain tumor research. Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s Play Date was an outdoor, drive-in movie night.

Cerebral Palsy patient gains mobility through Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery

Cerebral palsy patient Alexa Reed prepares for the removal of her PERCS cast and the first step toward learning to use her new legs, now free from spasticity.

For the first four years of her life, Alexa Reed struggled with muscle tightness and everyday activities such as walking. Her daily struggle was deeply concerning for her parents, who didn’t understand what was wrong.   “From the time Alexa was old enough to walk, we knew something was different,” said Amy Reed, Alexa’s mother. “People […]

Park named Margery Campbell Fort Professor of Neurological Surgery

T.S. Park is honored by Dean Perlmutter and Dr. Gregory Zipfel.

Recognized for pioneering accomplishments in pediatric neurosurgery Pediatric neurosurgeon Tae Sung Park, MD, one of the top  neurosurgeons worldwide in his field, has been named the Margery Campbell Fort Professor of Neurological Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The professorship was established by St. Louis philanthropist and businessman Jeffrey Fort in memory […]

Growing up with epilepsy, Emma celebrates a year without seizures

Emma Beutow can’t remember life without epilepsy, but her mom Misty recalls the first time Emma had a seizure at age 3. Actually, she didn’t know it was a seizure until later.  Like many people, Misty associated seizures with dramatic convulsions. Emma’s seizures were more subtle.   “She would do these weird things where she would […]

Neurosurgeon restores mobility for thousands of children with cerebral palsy

Pediatric Neurosurgeon T.S. Park, MD celebrates with his patients.

To thousands of families worldwide, T.S. Park, MD, is known as the hero who developed minimally invasive “selective dorsal rhizotomy” surgery that helped their children gain mobility. Not only has he performed more than 4,600 surgeries to treat spastic cerebral palsy patients from 80 countries, and traveled to follow up with many of them, he […]

Q&A with Mersiha Menkovic, office manager for the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery

Cheerleading for "our one and only 'Dancing with a neurosurgeon star' TS Park. Menkovic (left), Park, Monday Hammond, SDR coordinator, and Nicole Meyer, physician assistant.

When did you join the Department of Neurosurgery? What is your current role? In 2009, I joined the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery as an executive assistant to Dr. T. S. Park and was promoted to office manager shortly after. What is your role in the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital? My […]