Washington University neurosurgeons combine innovation and scientific discovery with nationally recognized expertise to deliver the absolute best care available to patients seeking treatment for brain tumors. Annually, we treat over 1,000 patients requiring surgeries or other procedures, giving us a depth of experience that is unmatched by nearly any other brain tumor team in the country.

Our world-renowned brain tumor specialists work side-by-side with experienced neuro-oncologists and radiation oncologists to individualize patient care.

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In 2021, the Brain Tumor Center was created through a collaboration between the Washington University School of Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital as a place for patients to receive seamless multidisciplinary care and gain access to leading-edge clinical trials and surgical innovations, many of which our own neurosurgeons have pioneered.

At the Washington University Brain Tumor Center, patients receive specialized and coordinated care from world-class neurosurgeons who treat more brain tumors than nearly any other group of neurosurgeons in the country.

Our team’s philosophy is to provide the best outcome and quality of life for brain tumor patients using an approach customized for the individual. Our advanced approaches include

  • minimally invasive techniques—from endoscopic and keyhole approaches to laser therapy
  • technologies to visualize tumors and critical brain structures, skull base approaches, and
  • state-of-the-art radiation oncology technologies.

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