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Parents honor their daughter’s life with donations to St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Rosy and Curvin Zimmerman stand with Jennifer Strahle, MD, and the plethora of toys that were donated to St. Louis Children's Hospital in honor their daughter Everlee.

Rosy and Curvin Zimmerman recently visited St. Louis Children’s Hospital to give thanks to the many physicians and surgeons who took care of their daughter, Everlee RyAnn Zimmerman.

In honor of what would have been Everlee’s second birthday, Rosy and Curvin created an online wish list of donation items for Children’s Hospital. Team Everlee came through in a big way!

The Zimmermans pose with their daughter Everlee. Professional photo courtesy of

The Zimmerman’s journey at Children’s Hospital began when Rosy was 20-weeks pregnant and Everlee was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. At six days old Everlee tested positive for Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), often referred to as the “bubble boy disease” after the film “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” Additionally, five weeks after her birth, it was confirmed that Everlee had Walker-Warburg syndrome – a form of congenital muscular dystrophy. 

Everlee dressed up in her nurse uniform.

During her 17-months of life, Everlee visited nearly every department at Children’s Hospital. From genetic medicine, newborn medicine, immunology and infectious diseases to neurology, neurosurgery, pulmonology, neuromuscular and bone marrow transplant. 

“Our team at Children’s was and still is amazing,” said Rosy. “They were there for us every step of the way. All of our doctors were remarkable, but we have a special place for Dr. Jennifer Strahle in Neurosurgery, who interceded on our behalf more than once.”

Rosy and Curvin chose to give back to Children’s Hospital for many reasons, but mainly because they too benefitted from the generosity of donors when Everlee was a patient. They viewed this as an opportunity to give hope and spread some sunshine to other children and parents.

“Children’s Hospital was a huge part of our lives and Everlee’s story. We are so grateful for everything they did for us.”

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