Meet our new people

We’re excited to welcome our new Advanced Practice Providers and staff to the Department of Neurosurgery. Advanced Practice Providers  Brittany HeitkampNurse Practitioner, Pediatric Neurosurgery Keith PattenNurse Practitioner, Pediatric Neurosurgery Jared ThatcherPhysician Assistant Melissa WallisNurse Practitioner Joe WalshPhysician Assistant Staff Julianna Amaral PassipieriDivision Administrator,Neurotechnology Division Nick BagbyClinical Service Representative II Wendy BettisPrecertification Coordinator Noman Bin AbidPostdoc […]

Pennicooke named director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Brenton Pennicooke, MD

Neurosurgeon Brenton Pennicooke, MD, has been appointed director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Department of Neurosurgery. “Our department plans to increase the number of residents, faculty, and staff from underrepresented backgrounds,” says Pennicooke. “We also endeavor to improve retention of our underrepresented residents, faculty, and staff by fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment […]

Athletes bring teamwork, competition to neurosurgery

Pediatric neurosurgeon Jennifer Strahle, MD, plays lacrosse as a student at Bates College.

High performance athletes are attracted to careers in the Department of Neurosurgery at Washington University School of Medicine, according to a recent survey. Our neurosurgery team of 167 includes multiple former collegiate athletes. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Drive, discipline, and teamwork are all required of members of our department, according to Chair Greg Zipfel, […]

Meet our new staff

Hohyun Cho Postdoctoral Researcher, Brunner Lab LaTasha Crusoe-Rogers Scheduling Jessica Graham Medical Administrative Assistant, Pediatrics Keshav Jayaraman Medical Student, Zipfel Lab Adrianna Johnson Patient Care Associate Trainee Michelle Laute Pre-certification Coordinator David Martin Research Technician,Petti Lab Jason Moore Research Technician, Limbrick Lab Abbie Nicoloff Nurse coordinator Keith Patten Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Eric Phillips Nurse Coordinator […]

Q&A with Keck, pre-certification coordinator

Pre-certification coordinator Ronnie Keck

What is your current role in the neurosurgery department, and what do you like the best about your job? My current role in the department is Surgery Scheduler/Pre-cert Coordinator and I am also a part of the Culture Task Force Committee. I would say the best part of my job is being the patient’s advocate. […]

Q&A with alumnus Vyas, new Neurosurgery division chief at Inova

Washington University alum Nilesh A. Vyas, MD, performs endonasal endoscopic pituitary surgery with ENT Ameet Singh, MD.

Inova Neurosciences Services Line has just appointed Washington University alumnus Nilesh A. Vyas, MD, to be division chief, Neurosurgery.  Vyas completed his medical training at Georgetown University Medical Center, his residency at Washington University School of Medicine and his fellowship in neurosurgery at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.  Vyas has been a practicing neurosurgeon […]

Making a difference

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery mission to provide the best neurosurgical patient care possible. Each month, three nominees are randomly selected and receive a Visa gift card.  We would like to give a huge thank you to […]

Q&A with Associate Professor Jon T. Willie, MD, PhD

Jon T. Willie, MD, PhD, joined the Department of Neurosurgery last September. He is associate professor of Neurosurgery, Biomedical Engineering, Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Neurology and director of Stereotactic, Functional, and Epilepsy Neurosurgery. Dr. Willie investigates deep brain stimulation to enhance learning and memory, and he is developing novel interventions to treat epilepsy, sleep disorders, and […]

Q&A with Neurosurgery Chief Dan Hafez

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose to pursue a residency in neurosurgery?  My interest in neuroscience begins with my father, a neurologist.  As a child he would take me to the hospital Saturday mornings when he made rounds. His patients allowed me to observe their exam, which led to me […]

Q&A with Neurosurgery Resident Anna Huguenard

Anna Huguenard, MD, and husband Matthew Miller hike in Missouri.

What do you enjoy most about neurosurgery training and why? The most enjoyable thing about my training has been meeting and caring for our patients. As I have become more senior, this includes gaining more independence in complicated surgical cases, but also becoming more involved in the process of caring for patients and their families […]