Q&A with Physician Assistant Nicole Meyer

What brings you the greatest satisfaction in your work?

There are many things that bring me satisfaction in my work here.  First, I must say that working alongside highly esteemed neurosurgeons who are also compassionate and respectful to their team is an absolute pleasure and inspires me to bring all that I can to the table.  My coworkers (NPs, PA and support staff) truly are a team and it has always been a very supportive environment which allows you that strength to get through trying days. 

I also feel a great honor to work with Dr Park and our rhizotomy program which is consistently positive with amazing results and lives changed for not only our patients but their families who are so dedicated to them.  If I can provide any bit of comfort and reassurance to them, I have done my job.  Now as a parent myself, my work in pediatrics resonates even more and makes me a better practitioner. 

How long have you worked within neurosurgery?

I have worked here in pediatric neurosurgery for nearly 15 years and prior to that did adult neurosurgery for 2 years at an outside private hospital.

Why did you choose to work in neurosurgery at Washington University?

I chose to work in Neurosurgery at Washington University due to its impressive reputation and the many opportunities it would bring.