Neurosurgery Department Fellows 2020

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology Fellows

Ananth K. Vellimana, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Radiology and Neurology

Residency: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: All-India Institute of Medical Sciences

“The endovascular surgical neuroradiology fellowship at WashU is CAST- and ACGME- accredited with a good variety, complexity and volume of cases. During neurosurgery residency training here at WashU, I felt that our endovascular group of three neuroradiologists and one neurosurgeon, with their diverse backgrounds and varying experiences, provided a unique perspective and approach to neurovascular conditions which resulted in a strong fellowship training experience. I therefore elected to stay here for my endovascular training. 

“I have lived in St. Louis for a long time now and enjoy various aspects of the city including the restaurant scene, Forest Park & Zoo, flying community, and good connectivity to other major cities.”

Jayson Lavie, MD

Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology Fellow

Residency: Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans
Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

“I chose WashU for the breadth and variety of neurovascular pathology and cases and for the opportunity to work with world-class neurointerventional radiology and vascular neurosurgery faculty. ESN fellows get great hands-on training here at WashU which allows one to rapidly develop his or her skills.

“Living in St. Louis has been great. St. Louis has multiple great neighborhoods with different vibes, great restaurants and bars, innumerable parks and outdoors activities, and tons for kids to do.  Overall, an affordable place to live with big city amenities but small-town feel.”

Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellow

Afshin Salehi, MD, MS

Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellow

Residency: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: University of California San Diego

“After having done residency here at Wash U and gaining familiarity with everyone at St Louis Children’s Hospital, I knew what this program had to offer was unmatched with any other pediatric neurosurgery fellowship in the country. With the world class neurosurgeons here, amazing staff and facility, its excellent patient volume and all that St Louis had to offer, it was a simple choice for me. 

“I have lived in St Louis for seven years already after moving from San Diego in 2013. This city has now become my home and I am sad to have to move away in less than a year.”

Peripheral Nerve Fellows

Amir Faraji, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve Fellow

Residency: University of Pittsburgh
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh

“I came to WashU because it is a center for advancing techniques in peripheral nerve surgery with investigators, such as Dr. Ray, who lead successful translational research programs with exemplary clinical outcomes.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of experts here in related fields and the livability of the city. There is a culture of excellence and education at WashU, and truly feel our attending surgeons have our education and patient care as foremost in their minds.”

Alexander Yang, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve Fellow

Residency: University of Colorado
Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center