Washington University to host Joint Congress of ICCS and SRHSB

The Joint Congress of the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS) and The Society For Research Into Hydroephalus And Spina Bifida (SRHSB) will meet at Washington University School of Medicine from  Wednesday, June 21, to Saturday, June 24.

David D. Limrick, MD, PhD, professor of neurological surgery and pediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine; James P. (Pat) McAllister, PhD, president of SRHSB; and Paul F. Austin,MD,  general secretary of the ICCS and professor of urology, Washington University School of Medicine, will host the congress.

The congress will focus on children with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and related neural tube disorders. This year, speakers will specifically address issues of transitional care that are becoming increasingly important in healthcare.  The meeting will attract multi-disciplinary care providers from all over the world, including those involved in neurosurgery, neurology, neonatology, urology, nephrology, general medicine, rehabilitation medicine, neuropsychology and neuroradiology.

For more information, see the SRHSB website.