Q&A with Elvisa Kurtovic, NP

Elvisa Kurtovic, NP with her family

When did you join the Department of Neurosurgery? 

I joined in January of 2015 as a Nurse Practitioner.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy taking care of my patients. Each interaction I have with a patient is an opportunity to catch any worrying signs and symptoms that need immediate attention. I enjoy educating my patients on every aspect of their disease and treatment plan.

Elvisa Kurtovic, NP

What inspired your decision to become a nurse practitioner? Why did you choose WashU?

One of my main inspirations for becoming a nurse practitioner in neurosurgery, and for joining WashU, stems from a personal experience of losing a close family member to a brain tumor. I wanted to work with the best team of neurosurgeons and help as many patients as possible because I know how painful and tragic each case is, not just for the patient but also for all of their family and friends.

What brings you the most satisfaction about your work?

Sharing good news with my patients. Every appointment, every lab and every scan they have to endure is a source of anxiety and fear. I love when I can tell them everything looks good and they breathe easy.

Is there anything that motivates you in your career or personal life?

I have an amazing 4-year-old daughter who has seen me on telemedicine calls at home during the pandemic. She knows that “mommy is taking care of patients.” Setting a good example for her and inspiring her to find her calling in life motivates me every day.

Elvisa Kurtovic with her daughter

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling and finding new adventures. I love to exercise and be active. I enjoy running, hiking, yoga, scuba diving and skiing.