Making a Difference – Sept. 2022

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery’s mission of providing the best neurosurgical patient care possible.

The Call Center – This group has pulled together in a truly amazing way and gone above and beyond with upping their game. They recognize how important their role is to our patients – they are our gateway and without them, provider calendars can’t be filled, surgeries won’t get scheduled, and our department would come to a grinding stop. Their role as the gateway into our department is key to all that we do. They have embraced the challenge of getting more patients in and I feel lucky to work with them. 

Kelsey Tacchi – Pediatric Medical Secretary
I want to give a shout-out to Kelsey for her daily optimism and hard work.  What I admire and respect about Kelsey is that she understands that I am her customer, as I depend on her to coordinate same-day scheduling for clinical/research imaging. Kelsey is very busy, but has graciously incorporated my specific study needs into her workflow. She also strategizes and collaborates with me on developing ways to perfect our process. She is the epitome of “Making a Difference” for the pediatric neurosurgery team.

I would like to nominate Kelsey Tacchi. She is amazing! She is single handedly managing four attending’s schedules and still manages to have a smile on her face every day. We would all be lost without her!

The Clinic Staff – I’d like to nominate all of our Neurosurgery teammates working tirelessly in our clinics. What they do is not easy – juggling a constant workflow and always putting on a professional front with our patients – but they keep going strong. You truly inspire all of us.

I would like to thank the clinical staff who have been working on rescheduling Elvisa and Missy’s clinics.  This is a daunting task and the work that has been put into rescheduling this large number of patients has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you very very much!

Priscilla Woodland – Clinic Manager
Priscilla’s ability to roll with the punches, keep a positive attitude, and lead her team is beyond inspiring. I am so grateful that she joined our team this year. She is the leader that we needed now!

Tori Greenberg Assistant to Chair Gregory Zipfel, MD 
Tori makes huge contributions to the department every day through scheduling visitors to special events. She does it all with a positive attitude.

Rhonda KidwellSpecial Projects Director
Rhonda Kidwell is our rock. Every day, I feel lucky to learn from you.

Nicole Leigh – Administrative Coordinator
Nicole has taken on her responsibilities so impressively as a new member of the department. She is building such a great relationship with her doctors and has become a go-to person for helping to get things done.

Dianna Batsch – Research Administrator
Dianna has integrated herself seamlessly into our department, which is no surprise to those who have worked with you but still remarkable! Her knowledge about the grant world and inherent drive inspires me.

Brigette VaughnClinical Research Supervisor
Brigette has become a strong leader for the clinical research coordinators.

Toni Kozemski – Director of Finance and Administration
Toni is the unsung hero of our department. Her ability to do just about every administrative role, while simultaneously keeping track of all our finances and personnel changes is nothing short of amazing. I truly don’t know what we would do without you and hope to never find out!

Jaime Morrell-Vinas – Administrative Coordinator
Jaime always brings a smile to everyone’s faces when she is in the office. She has such a great way of making people feel included.