Making a difference – April 2022

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery mission to provide the best neurosurgical patient care possible.

April 2022 Nominees

Kathleen “Katie” Hickey, RN Adult Neurosurgery
Katie has quickly adapted to her new role as float RN.  She has covered my clinics on several occasions and has been a quick study.  I know she will provide great patient care across all of our teams.  Thanks Katie for your expertise, flexibility and care.

Tasha Crusoe-Rogers Billing/Scheduling
Tasha has come a long way in Scheduling and has been doing great!

Veronica “Ronnie” Keck – Lead Pre-Certification Coordinator
Ronnie is the lead for Precerts/Surgery Scheduling and if it were not for her, this department would be nothing. Her support and training is the absolute best and she encourages us and helps us every day. I love my job because of her.

I want to nominate Ronnie for always being there for her team in pre-certification department. Ronnie is great in training with her vast knowledge. She is always encouraging the staff. Ronnie is positive, upbeat and helpful. She works long hours and wear different hats in her work. I have never heard her complain. Ronnie is a great team leader who gathers her team to work together as a whole group. I have never had such a great leader to work with.  

Amra Hukic  Clinical Service Representative, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Amra bought Easter eggs and candy with her own money and passed them out to the kids in our clinic during Easter. She does an amazing job up at the front desk and the kids and families love her!

Gretchen Blow Manager of Administrative Services
Gretchen is very helpful and kind. I believe she has a great work ethic and is readily available whenever needed.

Jessica Rosinski  – Medical Secretary, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Jessica has been doing a great job as the Neuro Onc medical secretary. She stays on top of everything and works so well with the families!

Dyan Cooper, RN, CPN Pediatric Neurosurgery
Dyan is a solid fixture in our department and never fails to lend a helping hand. She is always ready and willing to help in any clinic.

Nicole Meyer, PA Pediatric Neurosurgery
Nicole has tremendous dedication to the patients and the families of the Rhizotomy program. She not only takes care of the patients, but is always willing to help the families as well.

Courtney Chazen – Marketing/Social Media
Courtney has had an incredible effect on the department. Her enthusiasm not only for what she does, but also for learning what the rest of us do is incredible. The speed with which she executes social media and marketing tasks is amazing. She asks all the right questions, but does not belabor information collection. Courtney is passionate, smart, positive, and energetic.

Jeanene Crain and Rhonda Quint Administrative Coordinators
Jeanene and Rhonda have been here for a long time and are always willing to help.  They are old school.  When you need help they don’t answer instantly.  They say, “I’ll take care of it.”  It could be a minute, twenty minutes or an hour later and they let you know it is “done.”

Rhonda Kidwell – Special Projects Director
She’s back.  Need I say more.  Thank you, Rhonda.

Patricia Hamilton – Pre-Certification Coordinator 
Trish is always going above and beyond to help anyone in need. If she doesn’t know how to, best believe she will figure it out and be right by your side to lend that helping hand!

Wendy Bettis Pre-Certification Coordinator 
The time and dedication Wendy puts into our patients is inspiring. We are all so lucky to have her apart of our team!

Lisa Fitzgerald Patient Billing/Services Representative
Lisa came into a position that many of us knew very little about and with her amazing attitude, on top of her eagerness to learn, she is crushing it!

Elizabeth Wolf Pre-Certification Coordinator 
Beth recently took on an additional role on the team, which has brought some new challenges. She has taken on each challenge and conquered them with such grace and positivity!

Pamela Falconer Pre-Certification Coordinator 
Everyday, she has to deal with the dreaded insurance companies. Sitting on hold, answering the same things over and over, and having to deal with very complicated outcomes. And still, every day with her compassion, she knocks it out of the park. Putting our patients first and ensuring they are being taken care of.