Making a Difference

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery mission to provide the best neurosurgical patient care possible.

March 2022 Nominees

Ashley Roberts – Clinical Research Coordinator, Pediatric Neurosurgery
We are lucky Ashley chose us as the next step in her research career. Her work ethic and ability to learn quickly is impressive. She takes on every task with a positive attitude and seems to be able to handle anything we throw at her with grace. In her short thre months, she has become an asset to our team. I look forward to many more years working with her.

Nadia Pirtle – Medical Secretary, Pediatric Neurosurgery
I’d love to give a shout-out to Nadia Pirtle for her rock-star dedication to the Pediatric Neurosurgery team in all that she does.

Tori Greenberg – Assistant to Chair Gregory Zipfel, MD
She continuously creates an atmosphere of connectedness and compassion for co-workers.

Nickie KelleyMedical Assistant Lead, Center for Advanced Medicine & BJC – West County
For being the saving grace in times of stress for unplanned patient issues.

Monique Fort – Medical Assistant Lead, Center for Advanced Medicine
For remaining positive and encouraging to others as they develop in their roles.

Monique has an incredibly calm, positive and hardworking attitude. She is always happy to step in and assist when anything is asked of her, even if it is not “her job”. She approaches everyone with kindness and understanding. She is a huge asset to the team, and someone we can all look up to! I am so grateful for her.

Courtney Chazen – Marketing/Social Media Coordinator
For embracing her role as the cultural ambassador and working diligently to ensure an unquestionably strong work place.

Brigette Vaughn – Clinical Research Coordinator, Adult Neurosurgery
For ensuring that our adult Neurosurgery clinical trials run smoothly and for taking on the extra load while down a team member.

Katelyn Heckerson – Billing/Coding
For becoming an outstanding member of the coding group and for taking on this new career with a sense of responsibility and importance to its work.

Jessica Rosinski – Medical Secretary, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Even with everything on her plate with Neuro-Oncology patients, Jessica still is ready to chip in and help with anything else in the office. She always keeps a positive attitude and makes sure that the patients are taken care of before they get off the phone or leave the office. Jessica is ready to help schedule follow-ups or consults for providers outside of who she is assigned to, and is always asking if there is something she can take off of someone else’s shoulders. As we are all extremely busy and at times short staffed, this teamwork mentality and positivity is what makes all the difference when we come into the office. 

Jared Thatcher – Physican Assistant
Jared is always ready to go above and beyond for his patients and coworkers. I have personally had the privilege of being his coworker and patient.  Jared is always ready to help. I could go on about how talented and amazing he is. He shows deep compassion for his patients and that is something this world needs more of.  I feel deeply privileged to work and learn from Jared.

Veronica “Ronnie” Keck – Lead Pre-Certification Coordinator
She works tirelessly to get our last minute scans approved and all of our surgeries. She has been amazing!

Jessica Graham – Medical Secretary, Pediatric Neurosurgery
She has taken the lead ever since she got hired on and has been a great addition to our team.

Amra Hukic Clinical Service Representative, Pediatric Neurosurgery
The love and dedication Amra has for our patients and our clinic is unlike anything that I have ever seen before! She has been an amazing asset to our group. She can put a smile on anyone’s face!

Irma Hodzic, RNClinical Nurse Coordinator, Center for Advanced Medicine & BJC-West County
Irma is a constant ray of sunshine. She is great with patients and provides amazing patient care. We all appreciate what she does day in and out!

Tekoa HoustonMedical Assistant, Center for Advanced Medicine
Tekoa is always helpful and pleasant.

Gretchen Blow – Manager of Administrative Services
My nickname for Gretchen is I.K., as in “Institutional Knowledge.” No matter my question or problem she always finds an answer and a solution.

Sophie Church – Research Coordinator and Kayla Zosch – Education Coordinator
Sophie and Kayla have been working alongside Dr. Brenton Pennicooke to organize the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speaker Series. The talk given by Edjah Nduom, MD in February was extremely engaging and informative. I’m looking forward to many more!