Making a difference

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery mission to provide the best neurosurgical patient care possible.

Each month, three nominees are randomly selected and receive a gift. We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who nominated a co-worker!

To recognize someone, staff and faculty can submit nominations at the Making a Difference email address

November 2021 Award Winners

Diego Morales

Diego took a tremendous amount of time this week to contact and discuss with a family several important hydrocephalus studies. The special act of translating two consent forms in Spanish to one parent (the other parent spoke English) not only allowed us to collect important samples, but expressed care and compassion to involve and include the non-English speaking parent in the decision making process. The research opportunity would have been lost had we needed interpretive services. Thank you Diego, for going the extra mile!

Megan Kukuljan

I nominate Megan Kukuljan. She’s a pro who is always on top of patient details and makes my clinical practice and OR schedule run smoothly.

Monique Fort

I would like to nominate Mo. She’s been a rock on the vascular team under somewhat difficult circumstances. I can always rely on her to step up and get the job done. So happy she’s on our team.