Kim and Limbrick awarded R01 grants with top scores

Albert H. Kim, MD, PhD, and David D. Limbrick, MD, PhD.

Obtaining a multi-million-dollar grant from the NIH is a wonderful accomplishment. Receiving a percentile score of 1% for a NIH grant is uncommon and is the equivalent to spotting a rare bird on the School of Medicine’s campus. This remarkable feat essentially means that the grant is near-perfect. WashU Neurosurgery is proud to announce that we have two rare birds amongst our faculty. In the past six months, both Albert Kim, MD, PhD, and David Limbrick, MD, PhD, secured NIH R01 grants with a percentile score of 1%.

“Our department is fortunate to have two of the best surgeon-scientists in the country under one roof,” said Gregory J. Zipfel, MD, the Ralph G. Dacey Distinguished Professor of Neurological Surgery and head of the Department of Neurosurgery. “Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Limbrick are exceptional researchers and clinicians, dedicated to delivering the most innovative care to patients. I am beyond proud of both of them for this incredible achievement.”  

Dr. Limbrick’s grant is entitled: “Effects of ventricular volume and cerebral connectivity on neurological outcomes in preterm intraventricular hemorrhage,” while Dr. Kim’s research focuses on “Mechanisms of SOX2 Regulation in Glioblastoma.”