Complex spinal surgery: smaller incisions, greater precision

From using Augmented-reality goggles to making an incision smaller than your fingernail, read how Drs. Camilo Molina and John Ogunlade are using innovative procedures to treat complex spinal issues.

Imagine surgeons performing surgery with the assistance of augmented reality glasses. Or doing complex, minimally invasive procedures through an incision smaller than your fingernail. These aren’t some-day scenarios; they represent the latest advancements in spine surgeries, making these procedures more precise while causing less damage to surrounding healthy muscle and tissue.

For example, recent developments have made it possible for surgeons to use headsets that mirror ones used by military fighter jet pilots. This equipment offers the wearer access to augmented reality, or AR, and they are rapidly being adopted in operating rooms across the country, many for use in a growing number of spinal procedures.

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