4th year medical student wins trainee award at Congress of Neurological Surgeons Meeting

Fourth year Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis student Amar Shah won a trainee award at the 2018 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Meeting October 6-10 in Houston.

Shah completed a neurosurgery clerkship and has been working on clinical research with Michael R. Chicoine, MD, the August A. Busch, Jr. Professor of Neurological Surgery.

Shah presented an oral presentation at the meeting: Shah A, Sylvester PT, Vellimana AK, Dunn GP, Evans J, Jensen R, Honeycutt J, Sutherland G, Cahill D, Shah M, Abram SR, Oswood M, Kim AH, Leuthardt EC, Dowling JL, Rich KM, Dacey RG, Zipfel GJ, Tao Y, Chicoine MR: The Impact of Intraoperative MRI and Other Factors on Survival for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma. A Multi Center Assessment of Over 800 Patients. Oral Presentation at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Meeting, Awarded AANS/CNS Joint Tumor Section Neuro-Oncology Trainee Award,  Houston, TX, October 6-10, 2018.