Making a Difference – July 2022

The Making a Difference program provides a unique way to recognize staff who go above and beyond to advance the Department of Neurosurgery mission to provide the best neurosurgical patient care possible.

July 2022 Nominees

Latasha Crusoe-Rogers and Dominique Riley Billing/Scheduling
I want to nominate both Latasha Crusoe-Rogers and Dominique Riley. Tasha has been on the Scheduling team a little over a year and has become a very helpful member. Dominique is fairly new to the team, but already is doing an amazing job while learning her role.

Lisa Fitzgerald  Patient Billing/Services Representative
Lisa is great about letting us know when an authorization is needed. When we forget to request it, she just does it herself.

Lisa asked to work from the CAM, so that she could attend the Ribbon Cutting event later that day, and sat in one of our check out desks. Missy Wallis, NP, came up to the front to get a patient checked out  and was a little confused about seeing a face she didn’t recognize. Missy and Lisa began to chat and without even skipping a beat, Lisa jumped in and started checking out Missy’s patients. Lisa had some experience from her time in Peds and did what she could to get Missy and our patients taken care of. She is a real team player and a big help. She was so nice and her energy radiated through the office! It was appreciated. 

Diana Flischel – Departmental Accounting Assistant
Diana is an unsung hero in our department. She does so much work behind-the-scenes in such a quiet way that I wanted to make sure she gets proper credit!

Ana Ewing-Belle Medical Assistant
Thanks to Ana for helping to coordinate and transport an 82-year-old patient to the Emergency Department yesterday. Turns out he had very low sodium and the ED treated him for that over night. Way to go above and beyond.